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"With every heart beat we grow"
Live & Grow
Drawing I did for my grandfather, he has been threw 2 heart attacks, mutiple complications, and surgeries involving his heart. He is a role model in my life and has taught me many lesson I will never forget. #art #drawing #heart #grass #flowers #iloveart #Grow #live

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Blaze so much mary I call her my lady and some people can say im crazy but smoke this shit and you too be hazy.

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Pack your bags, were going on an Trip

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Life is an adventure, embrace it, enjoy it, live it!

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He rose to his feet, hoping his destiny an him finally meet.

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Breakfast of champions

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S/O to my man James! Dropping his Album soon. Check out his music! Concert in Pendleton Oregon at the Recreation center. Hit him up for details. #music #dope #K1mo #cream #dreamchasing
photo credit @BradyBruton

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This kid is the definition of the word “douche bag”.



In comparison to my medstore , yours contains medicine which have been through 100% chemical production .
Mine is just herbs ^^
Mother nature

Cannabis is my medicine !

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